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Most people who are interested in learning about trading are going to want to jump straight to the “How do I make money” section. As much as I wish I could to tell you that there is some hidden secret or system which is going to enable you to make millions and become a super star trader unfortunately there is not.  Trading is like any other skill set it takes time, dedication and hard work. However if you are willing to put those 3 things into action then it can be a profitable and rewarding career path.

One of the things that we constantly see from traders applying for a position here is a huge lack of understanding of basic trading principles. The purpose of this lesson series is  to cover some key fundamental concepts that we can then look to build on later on.  We refuse to kid anyone that trading is an easy career where you can “get rich quick” so if that’s the sort of information you are looking for then we can’t help you. However if you are interested in learning, developing and building yourself as a trader then that is exactly what we can help you do.