Great Zone Trade

A great example of a trade off an area of interest. Resistance being broken then acting as support, bread and butter stuff.

Perfect EUR/JPY breakout

Perfect example of a breakout trade. This is by far one of my favourite setups in one of my favourite pairs.

Nothing really sticking

A little choppy not been able to get a huge amount of FX trades on so a quick overview of some market action and what to look for.

A nice retracement in GBP/USD

I love it when technical analysis comes together. Multiple signals and signs on GBP/USD giving a great short trade. Lovely retracement and a opportunity to sell the rally in a downtrend.

Range charts – trading Futures

A lot of my day trading and scalping in Futures is done using range charts instead of time based charts. Have a look and see why and how to get involved.


How to trade levels of interest

A further look at support and resistance levels and how to trade them. A very key part a lot of the Forex trading we do here at SurCap. Really worth a watch!

Adding In Trend Lines

Not a technique that I use very often however a lot of traders here and else where like to plot and trade trend lines.

Simple Price Action Techniques

A video from the a Forex training course that we used to run. Covering some very basic concepts but a good place start if you are looking to learn some simple price action reading techniques.