Japanese Candlesticks

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Japanese Candlesticks


The candlestick is one of the most popular methods of price action reading in Stocks or Foreign Currency Exchange. It has proven its accuracy and ease of trading, especially to determine  trade entries and exits.The candlestick also facilitates technical chart reading with a time unit, open and close points of each candle  and the highest  and lowest prices.

What you will lean?

  1. Identify supply and demand through candle sticks reading .
  2. Determine different types of the candle sticks.
  3. Trading by using the candle sticks.
  4. Coordinate different types of candle sticks in combination with other trading strategies.

After completing this lesson, you will be able to

  1. Know who the dominant players of the market are: buyers or sellers.
  2. Know different types of candle sticks and their signals.
  3. Enter a buy and sell positions by using the typical patterns recognition of the candles.
  4. Recognize whether the general trend of the market is continuing in its current direction or there is an opposition signal.
  5. Trade by coordinating the different types of the candle sticks and some trading strategies .