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General FAQs


What is the backing process?

The backing process is actually very simple. Once you have opened a live account with one of our selected brokers you provide us with your investor password so our back office can connect to your trading account. Once thats done we can then set to follow your trades on our account. So whenever you place a trade on your live account we also place the same trade on our account. This way we are able to follow you and profit from your trading. We then pay you a % of the profits we have made.

What is the investor password and am I at risk giving it to you?

The investor password simply allows us to see and copy your trades. This does not gives us access to your account or any admin / management functions for the account nor can we place or alter any of your trades.

What products can I trade?

You can trade any of the products that are listed on the platform, this includes all Spot forex pairs and most major CFD markets.

Do I have to provide any capital or will I have any liability once I go live?

We are following your live trading account. Your personal account needs to be open and funded by you, however you have no liability on our account which is following you. Any loses that we take from following your trades you are not liable for.

How do I move through the tiers?

You have to initial start at the bottom tier. As you reach each objective laid out we move you on to the next tier. Once you reach senior trade level we will work with you to constantly keep increasing our following size.

When are profits paid?


Profits every 250 trades on up to senior trader level at which point profits are paid monthly.

Will you increase my account size?

Yes as you progress through each tier the size will follow you with increases. Once you reach Senior Trader status there are no set increments. We will work with you to set achievable targets and goal so we can increase our follow size as much as possible boosting your career to the next level.

What happens if you are following me and I hit the max drawdown?

If you hit your max pip drawdown while we are following you, you would go back to the first tier and need to work your way back up again.

Why are targets set in pips?

Targets are set in pips as we are following you with a fixed size plan. This means we will follow you on a set ratio of trading size and therefore we are not affected by your trade size plan.

What broker do you use?

We currently use XM as out broker however we have several more coming on board in coming months. XM are fully regulated and licensed in 14 countries including the FCA, BaFin and CySec.

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