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General FAQs

Why do I have to take a Trial?
The trial is how our team to evaluates your performance in a live real time market environment. If you pass or show potential then we will move you onto our live trading account or extend you an offer of some kind. The Trial enables us to put all traders on a level playing field, allowing us to find traders based on skill and ability.
Is the Trial fee refundable?
Yes if you pass the Trial then we will instantly refund the fee. There are no extra hidden costs or charges of any kind.
What products can I trade?
We support a wide variety of products. To find out more contact us.
Do I have to provide any capital or will I have any liability once I go live?
No. The account is fully funded by us and the trader is never responsible for any losses.
What is the profit split for Traders?
The split will start off at 70% and can move up to a maximum of 85% depending on performance.
When are profits paid?

The first payment is after 3 months. From then on traders may request monthly withdrawals.

Will you increase my account size?
Yes. We have no set increase structure it is purely done on a performance and trader by trader basis. We make our money from our traders so if you are profitable then we will aggressively increase your backing. We are looking to build long term relationships within our team.
My strategy / requirements do not fit with your trial, can I structure the programme differently?
Yes. We understand that every trader is different and that it is hard to sometime squeeze a strategy into certain results. We will work with you to build a trial suited to your style of trading. Just drop us an email and we can talk through the options support@surcaptrading.com

Interactive Brokers Platform

Interactive Brokers User guide

Interactive brokers offers an extensive guide including a general overview of the platform, trading tools, risk management, research, market data and the relevant software.

To access the platform user guide please go to the following link >Click here

Please click on the User’ guide and download the PDF. There are also Interactive Tours of the platform as well as system requirements.

For mac users please use the following link to download the platform >Click here


To see the commissions structure for IB, please checkout the following link >Click here

Once on this link select the relevant product type then Fixed Pricing Structure and from here you can select the relevant market.

For example for Nymex Crude(CL) select Futures and FOP’s>Fixed Pricing Structure, then select Exchange Nymex.


NinjaTrader User guide

Please use the following link to access the NinjaTrader user guide>Click here

NinjaTrader connection to Interactive Brokers

In order to connect NinjaTrader to Interactive Brokers, please checkout the following link>Click here

MT4 Platform

Platform User guide

Our affiliate broker XM has an extensive guide on how to use the platform.

Please check out the following link >Click Here

Trial Phase

How long is the trial phase?
The trial phase is 10 trading days, that needs to be completed within 30 calendar days. Any trading placed after 10 active trading days, will not be counted towards the trial.
Trading criteria explained

Trade 10 days within 30 calendar days – The number of trading days within the 30 day period must be exactly 10 days. These days do not have to be consecutive and trading on Sunday counts as Monday.

Always implement stops with an open position – Stops must be in place for the whole time that you are in the position

Achieve an Overall Winning Day percentage of 55 or greater – 6 days out of the 10 trading days must be in profit.

Ensure my Largest Losing Day will not hit or exceed my Daily Loss Limit – This is calculated daily and it encompasses all realised and unrealised losses.

Ensure my Account Balance will not hit or exceed my Trailing Max Drawdown – Drawdown is calculated from equity highs. for more information check out this link>Click here

Have a positive balance in each asset class traded – The asset classes that we support are forex, commodities, indices and bonds. You must have a positive balance in each asset class that you have traded. If you have not traded commodities for example, you do not have to have a positive balance in that asset class.


Can I trade multiple products?
Yes. you can, but you are required to achieve a positive balance in every asset class by the end of the trial.
What is the difference between the four trials?
Each trial has a differing daily loss limit, drawdown and profit criteria. Once you have passed the trial, you will be given these same criteria, however in the live phase, you will not be required to achieve the profit target every month.
I passed, what next?
One of our representatives will contact you at the end of the trial, and we will confirm a start date usually within one week.
I didn't pass, may I take the trial again?

The short answer to this question is yes. If we feel that you are not ready to take the trial, we may intervene and ask that spend some more time building your trading knowledge.

OEC Trader

OEC Trader userguide

The OEC trade quick start user guide covers software connectivity, contract setup, order alerts, DOM (Depth of market order entry), account summary and reports >Clickhere


Live Phase

Can I withdraw profits anytime I want?


Once you have past the initial draw out time frame you can request profits monthly.

If I make a profit in the first month, but lose in the second, will I still get paid for the first month?

Yes. Losses in the second month are not subtracted from the first month. If you were to drawdown in the second month, we would assume all the losses and you will not be liable to pay us back.

Can I trade other asset classes in the live phase?

We would prefer that you stick to the asset classes that you traded during the trial phase. If you would like to trade other asset classes, then we will more than likely require you trade these other asset classes in the simulation environment first, so we can best evaluate your performance and make a decision on whether to include the new asset class.

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