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I had only been trading about 18 months when I found SurCap. The trial is tricky and it did take me a couple of tries before I passed however the guys were very helpful and I really felt that they wanted me to succeed. After my first attempt one of the senior traders gave me some feedback and told me to reduce the number of products I was trading which helped a huge amount. My risk allowance is increasing and the freedom of trading remotely is fantastic.

I had been trying to get funding from a proprietary trading firm for some time with no success. Most trading floors want some kind of financial commitment upfront or will charge a hefty desk fee just to sit on the floor. SurCap offers a fantastic alternative. The trial process is simple and straight forward allowing you to demonstrate your strategy and ability with no risk.

The team at SurCap is great! They are very hands on and really work with you to improve and develop as a trader. They have a great knowledge of trading and have give some valuable insight to my strategy which has lead me to become more consistent and more profitable. The trial is a challenge but that just made me more determined to pass.

Day Trading Journal – Thursday 18th September

Some nice trending moves over the last day or 2 but nothing really setting up and therefore have not been able to get on any of it. Looking for some fib pull backs that will hopefully develop over the next few days and might provider some opportunity next week....

Day Trading Journal – Tuesday 16th September 2014

A couple of decent trades setting up today. Price action approaching some interesting levels which will hopeful develop into opportunity as the week progresses. AUD/USD still stealing the show for me at the moment and most of my returns have come from that. While I am...

Day Trading Journal – Monday 15th September

A couple of ranges setting up in EUR/USD GBP/USD and USD/CAD. Pretty boring stuff really and just sitting back and waiting to see if anything else sets up or we see either of these breakout. Day trading is all about patience patience patience and resisting that urge...

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